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Read about heart-gripping and touching encounters with youth and the personal stories of how their lives are being impacted and changed. Stories are often excerpts from Bob Lenz’s personal journal entries as he travels to communities across the country and around the world.

Life Promotions Blog

September – Someone Is Listening
August – Stop & Go
June – No Matter What, You’re Still Valuable
April – Project Semicolon
March – Coming Full Circle
February – Sage

December – Lifest – A Party with a Purpose
November – Dignity Revolution Campaign
October – Dignity Revolution
April – Looking for More Connors with a Vision
March – Rebecca – She Was Supposed to be There
February – How Many Apples in Just One Seed?
January – A Book About Your Face?

December – All Access Pass
October – Maybe I’m Worth Loving
August – A Couple Bands Were a Little Loud for Me
June – Bright Florescent Orange Shoelaces
May – Another Teen Addict: Kids Nowadays!
April – Gangs in the Church
March – To Be Continued…
February – Montana’s Tears
January – Lasting Change

December – Church Bashing
November – We Don’t Live in Neverland
September – A Birthday on the Road
August – Forgetting Someone on the Road
July – Turn Up the Volume
May – Thanking a Mom on Mother’s Day
April – 5 Days. 4 States. A Broken Bus. Countless Blessings
March – Stories from the Bus
February – 18 or 81?
January – Hope has no Borders

December – Confessions from the Road
November – More or Less
October – Called to Love: No Disclaimers
September – Junior High Kid Lost
August – Story from the Air
July – From Oshkosh to Atlanta
June – Story from Home
May – From Sea to Shining Sea: The Newsboys Tour
March – Senior Project: A Ripple Effect
February – A Thank You. A Gut Ache. A Call.
January – Life and Compassion

December – The Gift of Forgiveness
November – Stories from an Undisclosed Location
September – The View from an Intern
August – The Middle of Nowhere
July – Lifest
June – Letters from Your Kids
May – A Hunger for Impact
April – Alaska
March – Long Distance
February – El Salvador – Compassion Highlight
January – Anywhere USA

November – Kaukauna, WI – Addressing Suicide
October – Local Impact
July – Nationwide Testimonials
May – Sea to Shining Sea
March – Billings, MT
February – Wautoma, WI
January – Alaska

December – Washington
November – Creation: The Tour
October – Michigan
August – Unalakleet, Alaska
June– Waupaca, WI
May– Pennsylvania
February – Enterprise, OR
January –Ohio

December – Green Bay, WI
November – Rhinelander, WI
October – Minnesota

2006 Alaska Outreach
2005 Alaska Outreach