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Life Promotions is a non-profit organization reaching more than 400,000 youth each year. Since 1982, Bob Lenz, founder and president, has spoken to millions of hurting youth in all 50 states and around the globe, teaching a message of grace and love.

Various speaking topics are provided, including more than 50 public school programs each year that focus on intervention and making positive choices. Faith-based outreaches that teach on the love and grace of God are often provided within the community as well. In addition, Bob Lenz and other Life Promotions speakers who share similar values work with various churches and organizations to share their messages at conferences, churches, festivals, retreats and other events.

Life Promotions also feels it is important for youth to have a place where they can express and celebrate their faith in a positive and safe environment. Power of One , a one-day non-denominational evangelistic event held each fall, was founded in 1991 featuring nationally renowned Christian musicians and speakers. In 1999 a multi-day summer music festival, Lifest , was founded to allow the entire family to come together for worship, fellowship, teaching and more than 150 Christian artists and speakers. Lifest now sees up to 75,000 attendees over the course of the event.

Life Promotions continues to build relationships with individuals in schools, churches and organizations to partner together for the cause of reaching youth. We strive to convince youth there’s more to life.