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Hope Has No Borders

I recently returned from Anchorage, Alaska, where I did several school assembly programs and outreaches.  I wanted to introduce you to two people I met…

Miles is 17 years old and is at a school called SAVE, an alternative school for those who are not expected to graduate from high school.  Most are homeless, or as they call them in Alaska, couch surfers. Students will stay at different friend’s houses, moving from couch to couch, yet have no place to call home.  After hearing me at an assembly program Miles came up and said, “I had three friends commit suicide in the last month.” I could hear the pain in his voice as he continued, “How do I break out of the cycle my friends are in?”

The second person is Rachel. She’s a 15 year old blonde who told me she was currently in her 39th foster care home. My heart just broke for her. The whole purpose of the program was to convince people they were valuable, yet how could she believe it when she’s been shuffled around from place to place.

What do you say to them? What hope do you give them?

Hear me. If the gospel we proclaim is not true, then I feel like I have nothing to tell them. Not only would they have no hope; neither would I. But after 29 years of doing this and being overwhelmed time and time again by the hurts, problems and other issues young people face, I want to proclaim louder and louder that it’s true… God’s not dead.

Not only is God’s Not Dead the title of the new Newsboys CD and the name of the tour that I’m on with them right now, but that is also the reality and hope for our nation’s youth. They are not alone. If God can die on a cross and overcome the grave, then there’s hope for tomorrow no matter what they’re facing.

We did our first God’s not Dead tour date with the Newsboys in Holland, MI and saw people respond and put their faith and hope in Christ. There’s life here and life to come because God’s not dead. As the lyrics to the song go, I want to proclaim, “He’s roaring like a lion, living on the inside.”

The other exciting part of our first tour stop is that we had 30 people sponsor a child through Compassion International. As I wrote this story to you I was sitting in the Atlanta airport on my way to India to visit a child that Carol and I sponsor through Compassion. Ironically, when we were in Holland, MI, only a week earlier, I met a volunteer at the Compassion booth named Anita.

Why ironic? Anita grew up in India and was actually sponsored as a child in the Compassion program there. She told me, “I got to go to school because of Compassion. I met Jesus because of Compassion, and went to college. Now I’m a mother living in Holland, Michigan, with three beautiful girls and now I sponsor children and have become a child advocate for them.

God’s not dead. The hope He offers will reach beyond borders. Whether it’s in what seems like a hopeless situation of a broken family here in America, or the extremes of poverty in another continent, the message is clear. Yes, there’s hope.

God’s not dead.

For the Kingdom,

Bob Lenz
Founder & President
Life Promotions, Inc.

Visit to see if the God’s Not Dead tour is coming to your area!

May 3, 2012 – The “God’s Not Dead” Tour with Bob Lenz & the Newsboys comes to Wisconsin!
Christ the Rock Church | Menasha, WI
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July 11-15 – Lifest
Featuring Casting Crowns, Switchfoot, Newsboys, Steven Curtis Chapman, Tenth Avenue North and more than 100 others.

Sunnyview Expo Center | Oshkosh, WI
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