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Coming Full Circle

A high school student, a college volunteer, a mom, a teacher… What do all of these have in common? They are all the same person. Her name is Kayla.

Kayla saw me speak when she was in high school in the 90’s. Then she heard me at the National Youth Gathering when she was a college volunteer. Now she is married and has a couple kids of her own and is a teacher.

We received this letter from her:

I remember Bob’s message […]



Sage is an herb which comes from the evergreen shrub; it’s long gray-green leaves add flavor and aroma to food. Sage also means “a person who gains wisdom.”

Sage is also a beautiful, athletic 13 year old girl. She enjoys school, loves to play basketball, run track and spend time with her friends. Any parent would be proud to call her their daughter.

I met Sage at a recent school assembly when the principal asked if I would talk to a student. […]


Lifest – A Party with a Purpose

What is the purpose behind the party? Evangelism! Lifest is all about people coming to know the Good News of Jesus. Our hope is that believers will be encouraged to share their faith with others and will bring their friends and family to hear the Gospel. Here’s just one of the many stories about the impact of Lifest 2014.

Derek was going through an ugly divorce and his son, Ethan, was stuck in the middle. Derek plummeted into depression and began […]


Dignity Revolution: Standing up for the Value of Every Person

John just moved to a new school and joined the wrestling team. He had heard me speak at his previous school and decided wrestling was his way of using some of his talents. Although he is hearing impaired, he found there are many ways to engage in school and build friendships. However, he was not accepted by his team members. He was frequently harassed and humiliated. His teammates weren’t joking around and just “being kids,” they bullied him and intimidated […]


Unsung Hero – Carol Johnson

There is no denying that there is darkness in America today – the brokenness, the heartache, and the dysfunction. Much of our nation is abandoning Biblical principles, church attendance is on the decline, and many people do not believe that faith in Jesus is something beneficial, much less the essence of life.

So many times the negative headlines get more attention. Combine this with social media where the sensational travels so fast and the darkness seems to get all of the […]


Rebecca – She Was Supposed To Be There

It was already late in the evening as we drove to our hotel. It was cold, snowy and windy, like most of the winter of 2014. But our hearts were warmed that night by the light of Christ which had shown for the first time in the hearts of many new believers at the rally we held, where we called people to a relationship with Jesus.

The kingdom was advanced and more youth were finding hope. Lost sheep were found and […]


How Many Apples In Just One Seed?

It’s was Tuesday night in early February in a small town in Ohio. We were in the middle of nowhere. Actually, we were in the middle of what was a cornfield at a small church. The evangelistic rally outreach taking place that night had been in the works for months, along with the school assembly programs we did earlier in the day. The time was 6:50pm and the outreach was supposed to start in 10 minutes, but it had been […]


A Book About Your Face?

I recently had a grandparent ask, “What is this book about your face?” I couldn’t help but laugh when I responded, ”You mean Facebook?”

“Kids don’t even talk to you anymore,” he replied. They’re always on their phones, but I guess they’re more like little computers now.”

I understand the concerns about social media and how some are saying we hardly communicate face to face any more. And I have no doubt there are some questionable things on the internet.

While there is […]


All Access Pass

We were in Harlingen, TX in October for a free event called Praise Fest. It was right on the border of Mexico. The Newsboys were headlining and I was the keynote presenter who went on prior to their show, speaking to as many as 6,000 people.

It was phenomenal. In response to the gospel, hands went up everywhere! There were over 1,000 people who raised their hands and about 500 indicated they were new believers in Christ. God was truly at […]


Maybe I’m Worth Loving

Truth is I don’t want to do another story from the road. I don’t want to share another story about abuse, neglect, heartache or another wounded kid. Those are the thoughts going on in my head right now.

Maybe you’re thinking the same thing. You probably don’t want to get your heart wrung out again either. But I don’t know what else to do because the stories keep coming. I can’t hide my head in the sand and pretend it’s not […]